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Any food product produced from cocoa solids and cocoa butter.

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Candy & confectionary; Chocolate

The food product made from the roasted seeds (beans) of the cacao tree. The hulled meat of the bean, the nib, is ground and processed, into various forms for eating and drinking. For thousands of ...


Candy & confectionary; Chocolate

Distributed worldwide by Mars. It is a milk chocolate bar.

Cocoa solids content

Candy & confectionary; Chocolate

The weight of the non-fat cocoa portion of the chocolate. This term is sometimes seen in the labelling of products, and is related to, but not the same as, the cocoa content.


Candy & confectionary; Chocolate

After the beans are ground into chocolate liquor or chocolate paste, the paste is refined through uninterrupted stirring, or conching, that smoothes the texture of the chocolate and enhances its ...

Confectionary and confiseur

Candy & confectionary; Chocolate

Confectionary comes from the Latin noun “confect,” meaning that which is produced with skill. It is also the name given to the shop of a confectioner. Confections, or sweet preparations, have been ...


Candy & confectionary; Chocolate

The French word for confectioner. Like chocolatier, the term can refer to either a company or a person.


Candy & confectionary; Chocolate

A leaf of the embryo of the cacao bean (or any seed plant). Also called seed leaf.

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