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Package deal

Law; Contracts

Deal or offer combining several concessions, parts, units, or a range of services, etc., which must be accepted or rejected in its entirety.

accord and satisfaction

Law; Contracts

Agreement between two parties to a contract, in which one party (which has a legal claim against the other) releases the other party from its obligations in return for some form of compensation. The ...

Letter of intent (LOI)

Law; Contracts

Interim agreement, which contains the main points of the planned business or confirmed that a certain course of action is to be taken. Normal, there is no final agreement, but means a genuine ...

fair trade (fair trade)

Law; Contracts

an action seeking to materialize the action fair for farmers in fair trade agreements. the farmers, who in this situation is weaker than on the part of the buyer, the buyer is negotiating to receive ...

ad referendum

Law; Contracts

The concept, which is used to indicate that, although important points agreed upon, a few minor points remain to be decided, contracts. In Latin, should be considered.

commercial register

Law; Contracts

a document that compulsorily registers individuals and legal entities (companies) engaging in commercial activities

letter of refusal

Law; Contracts

Written statement obtained by a main or prime contractor from a subcontractor or vendor who is refusing to comply with some specific requirement of the contract. It must clearly state the reason for ...

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