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Rigour mortis

Sports; Croquet

This means to be dead on all balls. Other names for this include; Three Ball Dead or Three B D.

Roll stroke

Sports; Croquet

This is a shot that is used to have both striker's ball as well as the croqueted ball go a long distance. This is done by striking down on the striker's ball rather than hitting a level shot.


Sports; Croquet

When one person hits another player's ball with his or her own.

Roqueted ball

Sports; Croquet

A ball that has been hit by another ball.

Rover ball

Sports; Croquet

This is a ball that has passed through all the hoops but it has not yet pegged out.

Running a hoop

Sports; Croquet

When a ball has gone through a hoop in the correct direction.


Sports; Croquet

When one player's ball hits another ball, that player can't use the ball they just hit until they have gone through the next wicket.

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