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Eastern philosophy

Terms that relate to the philosophy of South and East Asia.

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Eastern philosophy


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A late eleventh-century and early-twelfth-century Islamic philosopher, attacked Avicenna regarding the eternity of the world and the reduction of religious law to a mere symbol of higher truths.


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

In Chinese philosophy, the Way, or the ultimate and eternal principle of unity, meaning, and harmony in the universe. Tao represents the natural order of the universe as a whole, and also the path ...


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A ninth-century Islamic philosopher, posited the philosopher-prophet as the one providing the necessary illumination for his society.

चार परम सत्य

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

Buddha's answer to the central problem of life (1) There is suffering; (2) suffering has specific and identifiable causes; (3) suffering can be ended; (4) the way to end suffering is through ...


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

The Western word for the religious beliefs and practises of the majority of the people of India.

Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

An Indian prince and founder of Buddhism, sought the causes of and cures for human suffering.


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

The way or ethic of the samurai warrior, based on service and demanding rigorous training, usually both in the military and literary arts.

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