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Of or relating to gas that is used in a facility for heat.

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Gas pipeline

Utilities; Gas

A conduit of pipe used for the conveyance of gas products.

Ballast water

Utilities; Gas

Basically, it is water taken on ships to compensate loss of weight stemming from unloaded cargoes


Utilities; Gas

Someone who works to protect the environment from destruction or pollution

Abrolhos banks

Utilities; Gas

Off the coast of Brazil, it represents a key mating, birthing, and nurturing area during the southern hemisphere winter

Spatial data

Utilities; Gas

Data that is represented as 2D or 3D images. A geographic information system (GIS) is one of the primary applications of spatial data (land maps).

Oil spills

Utilities; Gas

A layer of oil floating on water or covering the shoreline of a body of water; - usually petroleum which has leaked from an oil tanker.


Utilities; Gas

To cut down and clear away the trees or forests from.

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