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General archaeology

Terms and definitions of archaeology -- the study of human society through the analysis of artifacts, architecture, biofacts and cultural landscapes.

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General archaeology


Archaeology; General archaeology

A semi-subterranean "earth-lodge" dwelling. Usually consisted of an earth-covered log framework roof over a circular to rectangular excavation.

amino-acid racemization

Archaeology; General archaeology

A method used in the dating of both human and animal bones. Its special significance is that with a small sample (10g) it can be applied to material up to 100,000 years old or beyond the time range ...

deductive nomological (D-N) explanation

Archaeology; General archaeology

A formal method of explanation based on the testing of hypotheses derived from general laws.

Shell mound

Archaeology; General archaeology

Intensive shellfish sites mostly archaeological site formation.

K'utz Chman

Archaeology; General archaeology

K'utz Chman is one of the oldest Mayan tombs ever found, uncovered in October 2012 at a temple site in Retalhuleu province, western Guatemala. Carbon-dating indicates the tomb was built between 700 ...

Three age system

Archaeology; General archaeology

A classification system devised by C. J. Thomsen for the sequence of technological periods (stone, bronze, and iron) in Old World prehistory. It established the principle that by classifying ...

Segmentary societies

Archaeology; General archaeology

Relatively small and autonomous groups, usually of agriculturalists who regulate their own affairs; in some cases, they may join together with other comparable segmentary societies to form a larger ...

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