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General astrology

Astrology consists of a number of belief systems which hold that there is a relationship between visible astronomical phenomena and events in the human world.

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General astrology


Astrology; General astrology

Derived from the mixed Arabic and Persian "al firdar", the alfridaria, or alfridaries, are a system of planetary periods of Persian origin first described as far as we know by Abu Mashar. Originally ...


Astrology; General astrology

The antumbra in an annular eclipse is the section of the shadow that reaches the Earth, the body of the Moon being too distant for the umbra (darkest part of the Moon's shadow) to reach the surface ...


Astrology; General astrology

A bright, icy celestial body pursuing an eccentric, often extremely lengthy orbit of the Sun. The luminous "tail" of the comet, comprising meteoric material and gases, streams into space due to the ...

Brown dwarf

Astrology; General astrology

An object in outer space that is like a star but does not give off light because it does not have enough mass to produce its own energy.

Air element

Astrology; General astrology

One of the four astrological elements. A masculine element, it stands for intellect, media, matters to do with communications and so on. The other elements are, Fire, Water and Earth.

Astrological age

Astrology; General astrology

The location of the vernal point in the sidereal zodiac defines the current Astrological Age. An Astrological Age has a duration of some 2,160 years, as the vernal point (0° Aries in the Tropical ...

Angles of a malevolent

Astrology; General astrology

Tenth, Seventh and Fourth signs counted in relation to the sign holding a malefic planet (Mars or Saturn) as if it were the Ascendant. Also when in corporeal conjunction (i.e. as if in the First ...

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