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General mining

General mining related terms and definitions in minerals and related activities.

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General mining

glory-hole system

Mining; General mining

A method of mining using a system of haulageways beneath the block of ore, which has had its top surface exposed by the removal of the overburden. Over the haulageways are 1372 chutes that extend up ...

cover line

Mining; General mining

The point at which the overburden meets the coal.


Mining; General mining

Similar to a front end loader; a low-profile loader articulating in the center with a large bucket in front (usually five tons or more) that transports ore in an underground mine. The operator sits ...

dynamo exploder

Mining; General mining

A powerful exploder usually operated by a vertical rack, which, on a downward movement, drives an armature. At the end of the stroke of the rack bar an internal shortcircuiting device opens and the ...

dry density

Mining; General mining

The weight of a unit volume of a dry sample of soil, after the latter has been heated at a temperature of 103 degrees C.


Mining; General mining

Applied to the various processes involved in roofing slate manufacture, which include drilling and wedging, cutting, sawing, etc.

Rare earth

Mining; General mining

A group of 17 mineral elements found in the earth's crust. Rare earths have broad commercial and military applications, and are vital to the manufacture of products as diverse as iPods, cellphones, ...

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