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General philosophy

Terms that relate to philosophy, yet do not fit other specific categories.

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General philosophy


Philosophy; General philosophy

Element. Theory of elements current with Muslim philosophers was that of four elements: fire, air, water and earth, which originated with Empedocles though they sometimes added to them ether as the ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

The philosophy that any event is defined by an already-set final outcome and that all events leading up to that outcome are shaped the end result.


Philosophy; General philosophy

An episode from the fourteenth book of the Mahabharata. It gives the discourse between Krishna and Arjuna after the battle with which the bhagavad-gita opens.


Philosophy; General philosophy

Man is the measure of all things, proclaimed Protagoras, the Greek philosopher who lived in the fifth century BC. The term humanism has had numerous connotations over the centuries, some positive, ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

The view that psychology must concern itself with abstract mental processes that are only distantly related to observed behavior. See behaviorism.

attention getting

Philosophy; General philosophy

Attention getting is more than just the orienting reflex, it is the "initial orientation or alerting to a stimulus." Though this may be considered an automatic act, in fact it requires complex active ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

Relating to the soul (adhyatma); a term applied to natural and inseparable pain.

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