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General weather

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General weather

Sea fog

Weather; General weather

A type of advection fog which forms in warm moist air cooled to saturation as the air moves across cold water. See Arctic Sea Smoke for an example.


Weather; General weather

A change in wind direction that shifts counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere at a certain location. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is clockwise. This can either happen in the horizontal or the ...


Weather; General weather

A form of energy transferred between two systems by virtue of a difference in temperature. The first law of thermodynamics demonstrated that the heat absorbed by a system may be used by the system to ...

Sea ice

Weather; General weather

Ice that is formed by the freezing of sea water. It forms first as small crystals, thickens into sludge, and coagulates into sheet ice, pancake ice, or ice floes of various shapes and sizes.


Weather; General weather

A radar echo that is reflected, or scattered, at 180 degrees to the direction of the incident wave. Also the scattering of radiant energy into space before it reaches the earth's surface.

Heat balance

Weather; General weather

The equilibrium which exists on the average between the radiation received by the earth and atmosphere from the sun and that emitted by the earth and atmosphere. The balance between heat loss (long ...

Sea level

Weather; General weather

The height or level of the sea surface at any time. It is used as a reference for elevations above and below. Refer to mean sea level.

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