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Genetic engineering

The science of modifying and manipulating genes to create new artificial DNA or synthetic genes of different organisms. There are many purposes for genetic engineering, some of which include finding better treatment for diseases, or simply for discovering new organism of interest.

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Genetic engineering


Biotechnology; Genetic engineering

Production of plant clones from growing parts.

parasexual hybridization

Biotechnology; Genetic engineering

1. Asexual fusion of protoplasts from somatic cells of genetically different parents. 2. Hybridization by induced fusion of cells (protoplasts) from two contrasting genotypes for production of ...

Ri plasmid

Biotechnology; Genetic engineering

A class of large conjugative plasmids found in the soil bacterium Agrobacterium rhizogenes . Ri plasmids are responsible for hairy root disease of certain plants. A segment of the Ri plasmid is ...


Biotechnology; Genetic engineering

The retention of juvenile body characters in the adult state, or the occurrence of adult characters in the juvenile state.

ribosomal RNA (rRNA)

Biotechnology; Genetic engineering

The RNA molecules which are essential structural and functional components of ribosomes, the organelles responsible for protein synthesis. The different rRNA molecules are known by their ...

genetic heterogeneity

Biotechnology; Genetic engineering

The situation in which different mutant genes produce the same phenotype.

Biotic stress

Biotechnology; Genetic engineering

Stress caused by living organisms, which can damage plants, viruses, fungi, bacteria, parasitic weeds and harmful insects. cf abiotic stress.

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