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The science that comprises the study of the solid Earth and the processes by which it is shaped and changed.

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Earth science; Geology

A sedimentary rock made mainly of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Limestone and dolomite are common carbonate sedimentary rocks.


Earth science; Geology

A branch of geology that focuses on the chemical composition of Earth materials.


Earth science; Geology

The amount of water issuing from a spring or in a stream that passes a specific point in a given period of time.


Earth science; Geology

The process of chemical weathering of bedrock in which the combination of water and acid slowly removes mineral compounds from solid bedrock and carries them away in liquid solution. Also called ...


Earth science; Geology

A branch of geology and geography that studies the development of landforms.


Earth science; Geology

Large, generally circular, fault-bounded depression caused by the withdrawal of magma from below a volcano or volcanoes. Commonly, the magma erupts explosively as from a giant volcano and, falling ...


Earth science; Geology

A linear (relatively straight) topographic feature or features such as a fault, line of dense vegetation, or a chain of aligned volcanoes.

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