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Health insurance

Short-term health insurance

Insurance; Health insurance

Designed to provide coverage for individuals who need temporary health insurance coverage for a short period of time, usually from 30 days to six months. The policies – offered by private health ...

Student health insurance

Insurance; Health insurance

In recent years, many colleges have begun requiring proof of health insurance for students. Coverage options include insurance through family policies and coverage through school-sponsored student ...

Waiting period

Insurance; Health insurance

Waiting periods were among the fears vocalised by opponents of single-payer health care systems. Critics of single-payer systems in countries such as Canada cite lengthy waits for some elective ...

Health insurance exchange

Insurance; Health insurance

A health insurance exchange mechanism is a key provision of health reform legislation, established to provide a selection of competing providers, each offering different qualified plans. All ...

Individual mandate

Insurance; Health insurance

The individual mandate provision of the recently passed health reform legislation requires citizens to have insurance coverage that meets minimum standards set as part of health insurance exchanges, ...

Individual subsidies

Insurance; Health insurance

To help ensure the goals of the legislation's individual mandate, premium subsidies are provided to, on a sliding scale, eligible individuals and families with incomes up to four times the federal ...

Pre-admission certification

Insurance; Health insurance

Approval by a case manager or insurance company representative (usually a nurse) for a person to be admitted to a hospital or in-patient facility, granted prior to the admittance. Pre-admission ...

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