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Facilities that are established for the purpose of temporary housing for guests.

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Star ratings

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

A system to rank hotels based on the quality of facility and service. The star ratings are 1 through 5 with a five start hotel being the best, or a luxury hotel. There is no unified international ...

peak season

Travel; Hotels

The period of consecutive months during which optimum revenues, room/suite occupancy and average room rates are generated. In the Rajasthan this is generally October through March.


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Brand consisting of 75 luxury hotels and resorts worldwide, and renowned for its service training operated by the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Centre and the Ritz-Carlton Training Group. The hotel brand ...


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

A small informal restaurant serving light meals and refreshments.

guest history

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

A record maintained for each guest who has stayed at the hotel with a separate entry for each visit and details of pertinent preferences. This is a valuable reference tool for reservations, ...

five star hotel

Travel; Hotels

Luxury hotels; most expensive hotels/resorts in the world; numerous extras to enhance the quality of the client's stay (for example: some have private golf courses and even a small private airport).

triple room

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

It is a hotel room, equipped with 3 beds, and thus which can accommodate 3 people. It can be arranged with 3 single beds or 1 double bed and 1 single bed.

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