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Human evolution

Otherwise known as anthropogeny; anything of or relating to the study of the origin and evolution of Homo sapiens as a distinct species from other hominids, great apes and placental mammals.

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Human evolution


Archaeology; Human evolution

An animal that primarily eats other animals (includes insectivores and carnivores).


Archaeology; Human evolution

Bending action at the ankle or internal foot joints so that the palms and soles point down.


Archaeology; Human evolution

Living at or almost the same time.


Archaeology; Human evolution

Extension of parts of one side of the brain beyond the corresponding parts on the other side.

cytological marker

Archaeology; Human evolution

A cytologically distinguishable feature of chromosomes.

achieved status

Archaeology; Human evolution

Social standing and prestige reflecting the ability of an individual to acquire an established position in society as a result of individual accomplishments.

Thiessen polygons

Archaeology; Human evolution

A formal method of describing settlement patterns based on the territoral divisions centered on a single site; the polygons are created by drawing straight lines between pairs of neighboring sites, ...

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