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International economics

International trade theories, policies, finances and their effects on economic activities.

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International economics

current account

Economy; International economics

A country's international transactions arising from current flows, as opposed to changes in stocks which are part of the capital account. Includes trade in goods and services (including payments of ...


Economy; International economics

A system of international labor standards and mechanisms for compliance and certification overseen by the nonprofit Social Accountability International with participation by corporations, unions, and ...

optimal output

Economy; International economics

1. For a firm this usually means the output of the good that it produces that, when sold, maximizes profit. 2. For a country, this usually means the combination of different goods (and services) that ...

Standard International Trade Classification

Economy; International economics

A classification system for traded goods that is used as the basis for recording and reporting data on exports and imports, and that is maintained by the United Nations Statistics Division.

backward integration

Economy; International economics

backward integration, is acquisition by a firm of its suppliers.

acceptance letter of credit

Economy; International economics

A letter of credit which instead of agreeing to pay the beneficiary immediately upon presentation of documents, requires presentation of a time draft drawn by the beneficiary upon the issuing bank or ...

tariff line

Economy; International economics

A single item in a country's tariff schedule.

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