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Internet security

Definitions for common terms and phrases related to security threats, vulnerabilities, and technology.

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Internet security

Personal digital assistant (PDA)

Internet; Internet security

A handheld device that combines computing, telephone, fax, Internet, and networking features.

quarantine folder

Internet; Internet security

Includes the location on a computer system that stores email messages or files, containing viruses or other suspicious code. The system administrator reviews the messages or files to determine how ...

integer overflow

Internet; Internet security

A condition in an operating system or application that allows data input that will manipulate an integer value in the application to corrupt memory.


Internet; Internet security

Gathering and publicly posting the personal information of an internet user online. The term comes from the word "documents", as in "to post personal documents". Internet users who earn the wrath of ...


Internet; Internet security

This term refers to the condition of a file after a virus has inserted malicious code into it. Computer systems are infected if a virus or Trojan is installed and running on that system. Static ...

recursive scan

Internet; Internet security

The process of scanning everything in a folder, including subfolders.

Server certificate

Internet; Internet security

A unique digital identification that forms the basis of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security features on a Web site.

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