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Massive Multiplayer Online games. These games will feature interaction with other players in real-time and on a large scale.

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Video games; MMO

An assault on a small group by a much larger group. Frequently done in a PvP environment.


Video games; MMO

The act of bringing an enemy from its wandering state over to the team of players.


Video games; MMO

A character whose primary function is to take the brunt of enemy attacks and ensure that enemies are attacking them rather than anyone else, so that th other members of their team can focus on ...


Video games; MMO

The act of having an enemy run towards you while you are running away, as if they are a kite following behind you. While the enemy is focused on you, other players are able to attack it ...


Video games; MMO

Utilising a bug or a feature in an unintended way for benefit. Comes in varying degrees of severity with the worst often being looked down on by the playerbase.

Non-playable character (NPC)

Video games; MMO

Includes every character that is controlled by the AI, but does not include characters that other people are controlling in online games.


Video games; MMO

To make weaker. The term derives from the Nerf brand of foam projectiles, which are obviously significantly weaker than real projectiles.

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