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Metal works and production.

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Metals; Metallurgy

Transferring molten metal from melting furnace to ladle.

cold shut

Metals; Metallurgy

(1) A discontinuity that appears on the surface of cast metal as a result of two streams of liquid meeting and failing to unite. (2) A portion of the surface of a forging that is separated, in part, ...


Metals; Metallurgy

Chemical symbol Ti. Item No. 22 of the periodic system; The atomic weight of 47. 90; melting point of approximately 3270 in degrees f; boil over 5430 (degrees) f; specific weight of 4. 5. bright ...

Muntz metal

Metals; Metallurgy

Alpha-beta brass copper 60% zinc 40% Stronger than brass castings and used for summer and Alpha working (rolling stamp or extruded), products derived from the Brasses by adding other elements, high ...

carrying capacity

Metals; Metallurgy

The maximum bearing load on the lack of divided by effective bearing area. in a vertex or riveted joint, the effective area is calculated as the product of the diameter of the hole and the thickness ...

Roll Forming Machine

Metals; Metallurgy

An operation used on the line-up sheet. Strips of sheet are passed between rolls of definitive settings folding the leaf progressively into sections of structural members of different contours, ...

Brinell hardness test

Metals; Metallurgy

A common standard method of measuring the hardness of materials. The smooth surface of the metal is subjected to indentation by a hardened steel ball under pressure. The diameter of the indentation, ...

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