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The religion practiced by Mormons. Founded by Joseph Smith, Jr. in the 1820s as a form of Christian primitivism, Mormonism is the predominant religious tradition of the Latter Day Saints.

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elder brother

Religion; Mormonism

A name or title of Jesus Christ, the firstborn of all Heavenly Father's spirit children.


Religion; Mormonism

A geographical ecclesiastical unit of the Church consisting of several regions and presided over by a president, who is a General Authority.

auxiliary board

Religion; Mormonism

A small group of Church members called to help leaders of Church auxiliary organizations, such as Relief Society or Sunday School, at both the stake and the general Church administrative levels.


Religion; Mormonism

(1) All male members of the Church; (2) "The Brethren," a designation of the General Authorities of the Church.

Millennial Star

Religion; Mormonism

The official publication of the Church in the United Kingdom, 1840-1970.


Religion; Mormonism

Another name for Jesus Christ, especially in the old testament.

Spirit prison

Religion; Mormonism

The place where the spirits of the dead, particularly the untaught and nonrighteous, await resurrection and judgment.

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