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OBGYN equipment

Obstetrics and gynecology equipment

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OBGYN equipment


Biotechnology; Biochemistry

description a statement presenting something in words, from verb describe

Refractory period

Medical devices; OBGYN equipment

A period of time after orgasm during which a man or woman cannot have another; a recovery period.

Reproductive endocrinologist

Medical devices; OBGYN equipment

A sub-specialist doctor who is dedicated to the treatment of infertility. An RE has gone through advanced training to understand female hormones, the causes of infertility, and the latest infertility ...

Resistant ovary

Medical devices; OBGYN equipment

An ovary that cannot respond to the follicle-stimulating message sent by FSH. Primitive germ cells will be present in the ovary; however, they will not respond to FSH stimulation.

Retrograde ejaculation

Medical devices; OBGYN equipment

A male fertility problem that allows the sperm to travel into the bladder instead of out the opening of the penis due to a failure in the sphincter muscle at the base of the bladder.

Ringer's lactate solution

Medical devices; OBGYN equipment

A physiologic salt solution for replacing body fluid loss in the absence of gross abnormalities of concentration and composition (this fluid has minimal effects on normal body fluid composition and ...

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