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Phone apps

Pieces of software that are usable on mobile phones.

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Phone apps

Dragon Dictation

Software; Phone apps

A speech recognition App developed by Nuance Communications and released in December 2009. It converts the user's words into the written format, such as text messages or email messages. This allows ...

Ugly metre

Software; Phone apps

The Ugly metre is a popular new app for the iPhone or iPad. Just take a picture of yourself, and the 99-cent app will instantly tell if you are good-looking, just average, or downright ugly. Ugly ...

Inbound call centre

Software; Phone apps

A type of call centre that is designed to receive a large volume of requests -- or inbound calls -- from customers by telephone. Inbound call centres typically handle telephone requests for product ...


Software; Phone apps

Incredibly popular photo editing and sharing application that allows users to edit and upload pictures from their phone. The app enables users to make their photos look professional with very ...


Software; Phone apps

Voice recognition technology app specifically designed for the Apple iOS. Siri currently recognises English, French, German and Japanese. Japanese was added as recently as the March, 2012 Keynote.

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