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Physical anthropology

The branch of anthropology that studies the development of the human race in the context of other primate species.

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Physical anthropology

stereoscopic vision

Anthropology; Physical anthropology

The ability to see things in three dimensions (3-D). Stereoscopic vision is what allows for true depth perception. See peripheral vision and binocular vision.

sympathetic magic

Anthropology; Physical anthropology

A magical practice based on the principle that like causes like. For those who believe that this works, it would be possible to cause another person or animal harm by making an image of them and ...

Gregorian calendar

Anthropology; Physical anthropology

The most commonly used calendar system in the world today. It is based on the older Julian calendar of the late Roman Empire but more accurately corresponds to the solar year of 365. 2422 days. The ...

Allen's Rule

Anthropology; Physical anthropology

Within the same species of warm-blooded animals, individuals from populations living in colder environments usually have shorter appendages than do those from populations in warmer areas. This is ...

XYY Syndrome

Anthropology; Physical anthropology

Gender, genetic disorders only inherited chromosome that affects male. Men with XYY chromosome inheritance-the extra Y-detect their species as XYY, they are usually quite high (i. E., over 6 feet) ...

primitive property

Anthropology; Physical anthropology

A biological trait that has not varied from the ancestral forms and/or feature that was present in the species from which it came. See the evolution.

recessive allele

Anthropology; Physical anthropology

An allele that is hidden in the phenotype due to the presence of a dominant allele. Recessive alleles are expressed in the phenotype when genotype is homozygous recessive (aa).

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