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A formal statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to an act.

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Politics; Protest

A portmanteau of the words ' schlaff' and 'Activism', and is used to refer to actions that people think instigate positive political change, but In fact do Very much little except make the ...

culture jamming

Politics; Protest

A counter-cultural practice where people will subtly modify common brands or slogans to fit their own agenda, usually opposite to the intentions of the original logo. It is usually done to highlight ...


Politics; Protest

Self-immolation is the act of setting oneself on fire. This usually happens as a form of protest. Cases of self-immolation are usually carried out by monks who don't wish to cause harm to others, but ...

March of loyalty to martyrs

Politics; Protest

The March of loyalty to martyrs was a protest march on 22 February 2011 in Manama, Bahrain. Thousands participated in this march. Named after the 7 people who where killed by the armed forces, the ...


Politics; Protest

Gherao is an act when a large group of protesting people surround an important government functionary or building to press for their demands.

Syrian defection

Politics; Protest

In protest of the brutal government of Bashar al-Assad, more and more Syrian officials are joining the opposition government. Most recently, Abdu Hussameldin, a senior official of Syria's Oil ...

Indignants movement

Politics; Protest

A mass movement that started in Spain in May 2011 to protest against economic injustice as the impact of Spain's deepest economic crisis in decades created record high unemployment and led to a ...

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