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Search engines

Search engines are software codes designed to search for information on the World Wide Web.

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Search engines


Online services; Search engines

To search for information on the Internet. The original term is borrowed from the popular search engine name Google. It has become a generic verb for searching and finding information on the Web.

EBay Mobile

Online services; Search engines

EBay's new search platform for mobile devices. There has been rumours that eBay hopes to replace Google as the first place that people look on their phones when searching for information on the move.


Online services; Search engines

Google's CPC (Cost Per Click) based text advertising. AdWords ads appear on the right side column of the search result window. AdWords takes clickthrough rate into consideration in addition to ...

Cost per click (CPC)

Online services; Search engines

The cost a search engine operator (such as Google) charges an advertiser for a clickthrough to a designated landing page specified by the advertiser.

Cost per thousand (CPM)

Online services; Search engines

The cost incurred by the advertiser for a thousand impressions of a designated web banner or text link. This is a measure for the cost of a web marketing campaign in terms of driving web traffic to a ...

Expandable banner

Online services; Search engines

A banner ad that can expand in physical size when a user clicks or moves the cursor over the banner.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Online services; Search engines

The process of promoting websites to increase their rankings and visibility in search engine results through the use of search engine optimization, paid placement, blogs, social networking posts, ...

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