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The study of earthquake, seismic sources, and wave propagation through the Earth.

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lurching of the ground

Earth science; Seismology

Disruption of soil by lateral spreading under gravity.

rossi-forel intensity scale

Earth science; Seismology

The Rossi-Forel scale is a measure of intensity of shaking from an earthquake. This scale was replaced by the Mercalli intensity scale.

seismic zone

Earth science; Seismology

A region in which earthquakes are known to occur.

transform fault

Earth science; Seismology

A strike-slip fault connecting the ends of an offset in a midoceanic ridge, an island arc, or an arc-ridge chain. Pairs of plates slide past each other along transform faults.

seismic phase

Earth science; Seismology

The onset of a displacement or oscillation on a seismogram, indicating the arrival of a different type of seismic wave.


Earth science; Seismology

The angle measured from north to the direction from which the energy arrives at a given station. Is used to determine the longitudinal and transverse directions for an incoming ray at a prescribed ...

Fault length

Earth science; Seismology

(1) the total length of a fault or fault zone. (2) the rupture length along a fault or fault zone associated with a specific earthquake, representing either the observed surface rupture length or ...

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