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A thick beverage that combines pureed fruit and/or vegetables with ice and milk, yoghurt, or juice.

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Beverages; Smoothies

ITT's advanced pump for use in smoothie makers, including a patented W-shaped duckbill cheque valve that controls the flow of the liquid.

avocado smoothie

Beverages; Smoothies

This treat is an excellent source of monounsaturated fats, vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, and pantothenic acid. For extra sweetness and flavor, strawberries or ...

mango smoothie

Beverages; Smoothies

Mangos are hard fruits to find ripe, so mango smoothie recipes are enjoyed seasonally. Mangos have a very sweet taste and are quite juicy. The flavor of mango is strong enough that it can be used on ...

Blueberries smoothie

Beverages; Smoothies

Blueberries will add some natural sweetness to any smoothie no matter what other ingredients are combined. A very sweet taste that you can enjoy just by eating them alone or combined with many other ...

Cherries smoothie

Beverages; Smoothies

One of the most popular fruits (like strawberry) because of their great taste. Cherries are easy to enjoy either by themselves, chilled, mixed in drinks, or dipped in different ingredients. They are ...

Coconut smoothies

Beverages; Smoothies

Coconuts are very tasty fruits that are very hard to enjoy because of their hard out shell. Packaged coconut milk and juice can be found at many asian grocery stores and are perfect sizes for ...

Pineapples smoothies

Beverages; Smoothies

Pineapples offer a unique sweet and tangy taste that is great in smoothie mixes with other ingredients. The taste from pineapples usually does not take over other flavours but brings them out more. ...

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