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Terms that are in relation to the biggest kind of retail store.

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flagship store

Retail; Supermarkets

The prototype for a retail store chain.

internal borrowing rate

Retail; Supermarkets

The rate at which money can be borrowed within the company.

store security

Retail; Supermarkets

Methods used to provide a secure workplace and shopping area free of violence, burglary, shoplifting and employee theft.

class of trade

Retail; Supermarkets

A retail organization classed according to its method of doing business, such as a convenience store, supermarket, superstore, or a warehouse membership club.

in-store advertising

Retail; Supermarkets

Signage used by a retailer to merchandise products within a store.

voluntary group

Retail; Supermarkets

A group of individually owned retail stores that buy from the same wholesaler and achieve economies of scale, e.g., store name, private label brand, advertising, merchandising.

perpetual inventory system

Retail; Supermarkets

A system that maintains an expected inventory level within a store that reflects all physical product movement sales, deliveries, credits, etc.

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