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Table tennis

Table Tennis is a sport, played on a table bisected by a low net, in which players hit a lightweight ball using small rackets to volley the ball back and forth with the object of completing a move your opponent is unable to return.

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Table tennis

Yellow card

Sports; Table tennis

This is a card given to a player, which is yellow in colour that indicates a warning for a violation of the rules.

Inside pimples

Sports; Table tennis

The backside covering on a racket. It is a smooth rubber surface on a paddle blade, it can be sticky that is good for both offence and defence or it can be an anti-spin covering and is better for ...

Kill shots

Sports; Table tennis

A ball that is hit very hard, so hard an opposing player can't return the shot.


Sports; Table tennis

This is when a player hits the ball before it has bounced on their side of the table. This results in a loss of the point.

White line

Sports; Table tennis

This is the white line that is .8 inches (2 centimeters) wide that runs around the outside edge of the table that is called the end line.

Topspin forehand

Sports; Table tennis

This is an attacking shot. A forward spin is put on the ball by striking it with an upward motion of the paddle.


Sports; Table tennis

He is in charge of the match. He announces when points are scored and also announces when a ball is hit out of bounds.

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