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Any device used to transmit and recieve moving images, usually accompanied by sound.

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Consumer electronics; Television

Used interchangeably with the term "off-the-air", it denotes signal reception taken off an antenna after passing through the air.


Consumer electronics; Television

Refers to either the supporting steel strand to which hardline coaxial cable may be lashed or the supporting steel wire embedded in the jacket of aerial coaxial drop cable.

trunk amplifier

Consumer electronics; Television

In CATV, it is an amplifier used in the main trunk lines to compensate for line loss.


Consumer electronics; Television

One of the standard resolutions for upcoming ultra-high-definition specifications of televisions and monitors. It is double the size of 1080p resolutions, and stretches across 3,840 horizontal pixels ...

Sony internet tv

Consumer electronics; Television

The first TV to use the Google platform, the Sony Internet TV allows users to watch TV and surf the web at the same time.


Consumer electronics; Television

The signal flow direction in a CATV system when it travels from the service subscriber to the headend.


Consumer electronics; Television

A specialised test instrument designed to cheque gain and phase of a chrominance signal.

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