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Track and field


Sports; Track and field

Shortest sprint race outdoors

World Championships

Sports; Track and field

Running and track and field championships held once every 2 years; almost as prestigious as the Olympics


Sports; Track and field

Also called maximal aerobic capacity; maximum amount of oxygen that can be utilised by the body; higher V02max generally equals better performance; can be improved with training but has a genetic ...

Athletes Helping Athletes (AHA)

Sports; Track and field

The world-class marathon training and fundraising programme that benefits challenged athletes.


Sports; Track and field

A high-performance polyester fibre used in athletic apparel for its cotton-like feel, moisture wicking properties and quick dry time; brand name of DuPont®

Mary Decker-Slaney

Sports; Track and field

Great American middle distance runner; has held many world and American records

Did not finish (DNF)

Sports; Track and field

Describes a runner who drops out of a race

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