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Vehicle equipment


Automotive; Vehicle equipment

Raw material supplied for production of electricity, gases, or chemicals.

finite-element method

Automotive; Vehicle equipment

Computational method that relies upon dividing regions into subregions, subject to boundary conditions, and generating a set of linear equations to be solved.


Automotive; Vehicle equipment

Transducer that, for a given input amplitude range, produces a larger output range.

equivalence ratio

Automotive; Vehicle equipment

Actual air/fuel ratio divided by the stoichiometric air/fuel ratio. An air/fuel mixture is said to be stoichiometric when fuel combustion consumes all of the initial reacting species in going to ...

exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)

Automotive; Vehicle equipment

An emissions control technique that reuses engine exhaust gases as part of the intake air supply to help reduce harmful emissions (especially NOx).

Fischer-Tropsch (FT) fuel

Automotive; Vehicle equipment

Diesel fuel made from natural gas using a method known as the Fischer-Tropsch process. FT fuels are liquid at ambient conditions, have a high cetane number, and effectively no sulfur content. They ...


Automotive; Vehicle equipment

A liquid alcohol made by fermenting sugars derived from starches in plants, such as corn or sugar cane (CH3CH2OH, ethyl or grain alcohol). When denatured (made unfit for human consumption), it can be ...

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