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Video camera

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Video camera

charge coupled device (CCD)

Consumer electronics; Video camera

Semiconductor device made of a matrix (or lines) of individual photosensitive elements, called pixels. The optics focus the scene onto the matrix and each pixel accumulates an electric charge ...


Consumer electronics; Video camera

Color part of the composite video signal. Also called C. Separately transmitted in Y/C (S-video). It is the combination of the two color difference signals (U or R-Y) and (V or B-Y) modulated on to a ...


Consumer electronics; Video camera

Special operating mode of the electronic shutter of a CCD camera. The shutter timing is automatically adjusted to maintain the same video output level, irrespective of the scene illumination. Can ...


Consumer electronics; Video camera

B/W video standard with 625 lines / frame, 2 interlaced fields / frame, 25 frames / second. Monochrome version of PAL.

camera head unit (CHU)

Consumer electronics; Video camera

In a remote head camera system, the CHU is a small unit that only includes the sensor, its optical interface, the cable coupling to a CCU and the minimum amount of electronic circuitry.

black stretch / black compress control

Consumer electronics; Video camera

A function of Digital Signal Processing technology that enables the contrast of the black area of an image to be variable adjusted. The black stretch function emphasizes contrast in the dark areas ...

camera control unit (CCU)

Consumer electronics; Video camera

The CCU provides a means of controlling a remote camera. So that the remote camera can be as small and light as possible, the CCU also includes all electronic circuits that do not have to be fitted ...

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