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Occupancy rate

Health care; General

A measure of inpatient health facility use, determined by dividing available bed days by patient days. It measures the average percentage of a hospital's beds occupied and may be institution-wide or ...

Occupational health

Health care; General

OSHA, county health departments and regulatory bodies oversee occupational health hazards in workplaces, including hospitals. Occupational health programmes include the employer activities undertaken ...

Office for civil rights

Health care; General

This office is part of HHS. Its HIPPA responsibilities include oversight of the privacy requirements.

Office of inspector general (OIG)

Health care; General

The office responsible for auditing, evaluating and criminal and civil investigating for HHS, as well as imposing sanctions, when necessary, against health care providers. See also Fraud, FBI, and ...

Ombudsperson or ombudsman

Health care; General

A person within a managed care organisation or a person outside of the health care system (such as an appointee of the state) who is designated to receive and investigate complaints from ...

Open access

Health care; General

A term describing a member's ability to self-refer for specialty care. Open access arrangements allow a member to see a participating provider without a referral from another doctor. Health plan ...

Open enrollment period

Health care; General

A period during which subscribers in a health benefit programme have an opportunity to select among health plans being offered to them, usually without evidence of insurability or waiting periods. A ...

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