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Formatting and protocol standards

Health care; General

Data exchange standards which are needed between CPR systems, as well as CPT and other provider systems, to ensure uniformity in methods for data collection, data storage and data presentation. ...


Health care; General

An approved list of prescription drugs; a list of selected pharmaceuticals and their appropriate dosages felt to be the most useful and cost effective for patient care. organisations often develop a ...


Health care; General

Intentional misrepresentations that can result in criminal prosecution, civil liability and administrative sanctions. This is a broad definition and can be applied in many different circumstances. In ...

Freedom of choice

Health care; General

A principle of Medicaid that allows a recipient the freedom to choose among participating Medicaid providers. This term is also used by indemnity plans to indicate that subscribers may use the ...

Functional health status

Health care; General

Refers to a patient's ability to perform typical daily physical and social/role functions, plus other measures of self-perceived health status such as well-being, vitality and mental health.

Open formulary

Health care; General

The provision that drugs on the preferred list and those not on the preferred list will both be covered by a PBM or MCO. Also see Formulary.

Open panel

Health care; General

An HMO in which any physician who meets the HMO's standards of care may contract with the HMO as a provider. These physicians typically operate out of their own offices and see other patients as well ...

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