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Mapping science

The systemic study of the processes and designs involved with map making.

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Mapping science

Special map

Earth science; Mapping science

Any map designed for a special purpose, and not for general use. Typically, the information on the map is highlighted by omitting or subordination of other general information. A word or phrase, ...


Earth science; Mapping science

The mantle and the core of the Earth.

Birch discontinuity

Earth science; Mapping science

A seismic discontinuity at a depth of about 900 km.


Earth science; Mapping science

The situation that arises when a single point on a route alinement has two values because of joining preliminary and final stationing. Thus, station 123+45. 6 ahead equals 123+54. 3 back.

pseudo-azimuthal map projection

Earth science; Mapping science

A class of map projections mapping, in their normal aspect, parallels of latitude into concentric, circular arcs and mapping meridians into curved lines converging at the pole with their true, ...


Earth science; Mapping science

A Geodesic on an ellipsoid, especially large bands, the term obsolete.

deflection angle

Earth science; Mapping science

(1) A horizontal angle measured from the prolongation of the preceding line, right or left to the following line. Only directed polygons, such as traverses, have deflection angles. (2) The angle, ...

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