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Mapping science

The systemic study of the processes and designs involved with map making.

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Mapping science

adindan BT.

Earth science; Mapping science

A horizontal control data defines the following location and azimuth of the Clarke 1880 (revised) spheroid; the origin of the station Zv-br/> < ADINDAN


Earth science; Mapping science

Corrections i D ä and ä i it at x i d component and y component it i , respectively, of course i (length l i ) are given < br.

solar periscope

Earth science; Mapping science

An optical device attached to an aerial camera and allowing the ground and the Sun to be photo-graphed simultaneously. The camera's orientation can be determined in this way without relying on ...


Earth science; Mapping science

That zone, of variable width, lying between the shoreface and the seaward limit of the breaker zone.


Earth science; Mapping science

The area above the Earth, as seen looking up from the ground. The sky looks blue during the day and dark at night.

the opacity of the

Earth science; Mapping science

Resistance to pass light through it. Opacity is the reciprocal measure water conductivity.

The South Pole

Earth science; Mapping science

The most southern point of the Earth. The South Pole is the Southern end of the axis on which the Earth rotates.

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