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This glossary contains higher education terms used in didactic, managerial and research activities, especially within the Bologna Process.

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Amount of work in terms of teaching, evaluation or guidance of students, that a member of the teaching staff must carry on in accordance with the statute of the teaching staff.

Domain: Education; Category: Higher education

A standardized method for collecting and reporting critical operational data in a way that enables relevant comparisons among the performances of different organizations or programmes, usually with a ...

Domain: Education; Category: Higher education

The loss or gain of skilled intellectual and technical labor through the movement of such labor to more favorable geographic, economic, or professional environments.

Domain: Education; Category: Higher education

Second cycle of university studies assuring thoroughgoing study in the license field studies or in a related one, the development of scientific research abilities and constituting a preparatory ...

Domain: Education; Category: Higher education

Written paper, based on independent research carried out under the supervision of a senior member of the academic staff, defended before a commission created for the first degree final examination ...

Domain: Education; Category: Higher education

University teacher holding a rank below that of "conferentiar" and above that of "asistent" still used in some universities.

Domain: Education; Category: Higher education

Studies undertaken after completing the first cycle of higher education, enabling students to extend and improve their previous training already attested by their diploma.

Domain: Education; Category: Higher education

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