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Five Khandas

Or Five Aggregates, that is, the five components of an intelligent being, or psychological analysis of the mind:

  1. Matter or Form (rupa) - the physical form responded to the five organs of senses, i.e., eye, ear, nose, tongue and body;
  2. Sensation or Feeling (vedana) - the feeling in reception of physical things by the senses through the mind;
  3. Perception and/or cognition (Pali, sanna) (Skr, sanjna) - the functioning of mind in distinguishing appearances;
  4. Volition or Mental Formation (Pali, sankara) (Skr, samskara) - habitual action, i.e., a conditioned response to the object of experience, whether it is good or evil, you like or dislike;
  5. Consciousness (Pali, vinnana) (Skr, vijnana) - the mental faculty in regard to perception, cognition and experience;
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