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ObamaCare, formally known as the patient protection and affordable care Act (PPACA), is a United States federal law into law by President Barack Obama signed on March 23, 2010. The law is the most important reform of the health care legislation of the 111th United States Congress and the signature legislation of the Obama Presidency. PPACA requires individuals not covered by employer or Government-sponsored insurance to carry minimal essential health insurance or pay a penalty, unless excluded commonly referred to as the individual mandate, for religious beliefs or financial hardship, a provision. The Act also reforms certain aspects of the private health insurance industry and public health insurance programs, insurance cover pre-existing conditions increased, expanded access to insurance 30 million Americans and increases national medical expenditure projected reduction in projected Medicare spending.< Termnewline > causes the individual mandate requiring people to health insurance the law have challenged great controversy in the country as an opponent is in violation of the constitutional rights of private citizens. On the 28 June the US Supreme Court Obamacare confirmed. In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that the individual mandate requiring people to health insurance have as a tax which is valid, although it is prohibited under the Constitution of trade clause.

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