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Pearl of Dubai

Pearl of Dubai is the world's largest underwater theme park under development in Dubai that includes scuba diving and snorkeling in a space modeled after the mythical Lost City of Atlantis. Developed by Reef Worlds, the Los Angeles-based Dynamic Reef developer that also designed sets for blockbuster movies like "Avatar" and "Pirates of the Caribbean," the Pearl of Dubai is considered the largest sustainable underwater tourism site in the world that stretches across five acres along the city's coastal water front. Its underwater attractions include submerged ruins and references to a mythical, sunken empire, designed to excite the imagination. An artificial archipelago of small islands called the The World will be constructed to resemble the world map in Dubai. The artificial reef built in shallow waters around The World islands will serve to foster marine life with colonies of algae and soft corals.

Once opened, the Pearl of Dubai will become a focus for International dive/snorkel tourism and habitat creation in the region. It is estimated that globally resorts currently own over 200,000 square miles of unused or underused waterfront space. Reef Worlds has plans to expand with waterfront resort developers from Dubai to the Philippines to significantly boost tourism and regional habitat.

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