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Steak N shake

Diner-style restaurant chain primarily to expand in the Midwest and South, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. About 400 stores and approximately 100 franchise stores, most restaurants are in addition to the typical diner-style stance, taking two mixtures combined drive-thru style. 24-hour shops may. Seen in the slogan of the company 'in the Steakburger familiar' 'Steakburger' is in suit made of T bone steak, Sirloin steak, round steak. Than normal Diners and fast-food restaurants aiming high is the price, but in recent years made price cuts. Steak & shake < termnewline >, < termnewline > management's ビッグラリ holdings, based in San Antonio, Texas ( Biglari Holdings Inc.) Steak & shake operations Inc. ( New York stock listing name:BH ) wholly owned subsidiary have done. Current number of stores has become 22 States 487 stores (now 12/2010) spread in 75 franchise stores, including the.

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