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Adposter Classifieds

Read below the steps how to put your ad on craigslist is craigslist.org

go to/about/sites and click the target areas where you want to send.

Click "send it to Classifieds" in the left-hand corner of the home.

Select the appropriate category for your listing and click "continue."u0009

Write your ad. Remember that you have competition from other advertisers, so make sure to write a catchy title too.Address

Enter your e-mail so you can readers can reply to your ad.

Click "continue" and you will see a preview of your ad. Below will be a verification code. Type the letters and numbers correctly and move on to the next page.

You want to read the conditions of use. After reading this agreement, click the button and you will be asked to check your e-mail so that ads can be shown. You will have an email from Craigslist to active links. Once you follow the instructions in the e-mail that your ad will be displayed for all.

read more information: http://www.classifieds-adposter.com/

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