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Tiki torches

"Tiki" is a Polynesian language which means a supernatural power, a Polynesian supernatural power. It was first known in 1777 as the stone image, that symbolises the Polynesian Goddess of Fertility, "Pele." Though, there was no certain record of history that would tell "tiki" as the lamp that we are perceived it to be these days. But since there were lots of surfacing storeys about how tiki torches came, it was near 1930s when a certain Polynesian restaurant in Holywood owned by Don Beach opened which influenced almost all of the nearby restaurants to decorate the same Polynesian themes. Tiki torches was coined and was the centre of their decoration. The torches which used to light dark caves were used as the decorative lighting that evoked different feeling or aura like they are in the tropical beaches.

Tiki torches in the modern days are the kitschy style, primitive and exotic kind of lighting used to light the outdoors. May it be a patio or garden, passageways or backyard. They are now made of copper or brass that could withstand changing times. They are also the favourite decoration and lamps of Luau parties, outdoor celebrations, birthdays and other intimate family gathering.

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