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Air force

An branch of the military establishment that is responsible for aerial warfare as distinct from an army, navy or other branch. Typically, air forces are responsible for gaining control of the air, carrying out strategic and tactical bombing missions and providing support to surface forces.

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Air force


Military; Air force

Nicknamed the 'super weapon', the TA-50 PAK FA is fifth generation Russian stealth fighter manufactured by the Russian aeronautic giant Sukhoi. PAK FA stands for Perspektivnyi Aviatsionnyi ...

Saab Gripen

Military; Air force

Saab Gripen is a lightweight engine multi-role fighter manufactured by the Swedish aerospace company Saab. It is a low cost, low maintenance the fourth generation fighter jet with a top speed of Mach ...

Royal Air Force

Military; Air force

The Royal Air Force (RAF) is the aerial warfare service branch of the British Armed Forces. It was formed in April 1918 and is the oldest independent air force in the world. The RAF has played a ...

Boeing B-47

Military; Air force

The Boeing Model 450 B-47 Stratojet was a long-range, six-engined, jet-powered medium bomber built to fly at high subsonic speeds and at high altitudes. It was primarily designed to drop nuclear ...

Boeing B-52

Military; Air force

The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is a long-range, subsonic, jet-powered strategic bomber. The B-52 was designed and built by Boeing, who have continued to provide support and upgrades. It has been ...

X-51A WaveRider

Military; Air force

The X-51A WaveRider (also known as Boeing X-51) is an unmanned hypersonic scramjet that is capable of flying through the atmosphere at speeds of 3600 mph or Mach 6. At these speeds, a passenger jet ...


Military; Air force

An unmanned aerial vehicle that is armed and has no onboard pilot. Currently operational drones are under real-time human control of unknown precision. Drones change the nature of modern aerial ...

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