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Gospel of Wealth

History; American history

The belief that God ordains certain people to amass money and use it to further God's purposes, it justified the concentration of wealth as long as the rich used their money responsibly.

Common Sense

History; American history

This best selling pamphlet by Thomas Paine, first published in 1776, denounced the British monarchy, called for American independence, and encouraged the adoption of republican forms of government. ...

Compromise of 1877

History; American history

A bargain made between southern Democrats and Republican candidate Rutherford B. Hayes after the disputed presidential election of 1876. The southern Democrats pledged to let Hayes take office in ...


History; American history

A reaction against immigration by white Protestant native born. Nativism could be based on racial prejudice (teachers and scientists that are sometimes classified as European Eastern innately ...

Rage militaire

History; American history

Meaning a passion for arms, the militaire characterized the attitudes of American colonists as rage the britain was started with great in 1775. When the ravages and deprivations of warfare became ...

Large Policy

History; American history

Bold foreign policy put forth by Henry Cabot Lodge and others, advocating a canal through the Central American isthmus and a strong American naval presence in the Caribbean and Pacific.

Laissez faire

History; American history

An economic theory based upon the ideas of Adam Smith, it contended that in a free economy self interest would lead individuals to act in ways that benefited society as a whole and therefore ...

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