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Buddhism is a religion indigenous to the Indian subcontinent that encompasses a variety of traditions, beliefs and practices largely based on teachings attributed to Siddhartha Gautama, who is commonly known as the Buddha.

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Five Khandas

Religion; Buddhism

Or Five Aggregates, that is, the five components of an intelligent being, or psychological analysis of the mind: # Matter or Form (rupa) - the physical form responded to the five organs of senses, ...


Religion; Buddhism

(Japanese) Head of logistical arrangements in the Rinzai zendo.


Religion; Buddhism

(Pali) (lit. 'name and form'). Mind-and-Body, mentality and corporeality.


Religion; Buddhism

A translation of the term asura.


Religion; Buddhism

A Japanese for the shout given by Zen teachers.


Religion; Buddhism

A Zen term for enlightenment.

Hidden Valley

Religion; Buddhism

A place in which people can take refuge in moments of political disturbance and where Buddhism can be practiced safely.

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