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Phyllo dough

Dairy products; Butter

Phyllo is a tissue-thin pastry dough cut into sheets that is used in Middle Eastern desserts, such as baklava, and is similar to strudel dough. Sheets of phyllo are brushed with melted butter and ...


Dairy products; Butter

Physical process (batch or continuous) by which liquid cream is ÒworkedÓ to coalesce the butterfat globules, with the concurrent expulsion of buttermilk.

Pastry dough

Dairy products; Butter

Pie dough or flaky pastry is the standard American dough for pies. It can be made with butter, vegetable shortening or lard, but most often a combination of butter and shortening is used. Whatever ...

Endogenous opiate peptides

Dairy products; Butter

Pleasure-enhancing molecules manufactured by the human brain. The pleasure response to foods may be mediated by these molecules.

European-style butter

Dairy products; Butter

Plugra is a domestic brand. Butter with 2% more milkfat than regular butter. Since European-style butter has a lower moisture content, using it results in better pastries, icings, and sauces.


Dairy products; Butter

Portions in plastic cups with peelable heat-sealed lids. Tumble packed or collated.


Dairy products; Butter

Primary flavour component in butter starter cultures produced by lactic acid bacteria. An antioxidant used to decrease oxidative rancidity of fat or oil. Provides buttery odour and flavor, which can ...

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