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Any sweet, baked foodstuff that is usually made by mixing flour, sugar, eggs and baking powder.

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Baked goods; Cakes

A cupcake (the common US, Canadian, South African and Australian term) or fairy cake (the common British and Irish term), is a small cake designed to serve one person, frequently baked in a small, ...


Baked goods; Cakes

Sfogliatelle are shell or cone shaped filled pastries native to Italian cuisine. "Sfogliatelle" means "many leaves/layers," the pastry's texture resembling leaves stacked on each other.


Baked goods; Cakes

A type of cake or sometimes biscuit that is made from oatmeal and molasses. It is most commonly eaten in England, particularly Yorkshire, and most often on the 5th of November - bonfire night. It is ...


Baked goods; Cakes

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Buche de Noel

Baked goods; Cakes

Buche de Noel is a cake roll, usually made and served around the Christmas holiday. Originating from France, Buche de Noel means "yule log." This cake has a jelly and chocolate buttercream frosting ...

Boston cream pie

Baked goods; Cakes

Without being mislead by the word choice in the identification of this dessert, Boston cream pie is actually a cake made from sponge cake that is layered with vanilla custard. The cake has a ...


Baked goods; Cakes

A yeast ring originating in Eastern European, baked with raisins or other dried fruit in the dough. Similar to coffee cake, without the glaze or streusel. Today it also is also made in a loaf shape. ...

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