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Customer management

Referring to the business of implementing models that allow companies to manage how they interact with their clients.

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Customer management

user registration

Business services; Customer management

To formally notify a manufacturer that you have purchased and legitimately own one of their products, thereby qualifying for service and support.

marshalling of assets

Business services; Customer management

Legal rule that directs the claims of creditors of an insolvent debtor to achieve a fair distribution of debtor's assets among them. For example (between two creditors), if one has recourse to one ...

Donut shop

Business services; Customer management

A shop where doughnuts or other bakery products are made and sold.


Business services; Customer management

When you give in on something, you captitulate, as in giving up on a negotiation.


Business services; Customer management

An American organisation that sells cuddling sessions for $60 per hour. It was established by Jacqueline Samuel in early 2012, and she is currently the only snuggler on staff. The Snuggery was ...


Business services; Customer management

1. A client is a person or group of people (i.e. a company) that is paying for our services. These services may include customization, new development or other services for which we are in part or ...

Sales pipeline management

Business services; Customer management

A sales pipeline is a visual framework that illustrates the amount of business a company tries to win over a period of time including how many leads the company has, which stage each one is in, and ...

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